Entertaining in one’s house is an important part of decorating any space for the majority of homeowners. From the furniture you choose, to the art adorning the walls, and everything in between, your space reflects you and your style, and therefore impacts how you entertain guests. Whether it’s a date night in with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, or hosting a party for Super Bowl 2020, here are some tips for making your home entertainment-friendly and welcoming for anyone who comes through the door:

Be mindful of the “flow” of each room. While you don’t want your home to appear empty or under-furnished, choosing pieces carefully and having a plan when building each room’s layout are an important part of entertaining. Choose a couple of bigger, “statement” pieces first. For a living room, this could be your sectional or sofa, and a large-scale entertainment enter, or for a dining room, your dining set will steal the show. Once you’ve selected the biggest pieces, fill in with accent chairs, coffee tables, end tables, and ground the entire space with a rug if it applies. The way you set this up will determine how people move through the space. For example, don’t place chairs and furniture in such a way where guests will be forced to walk directly in front of the television each time they want to enter/exit the space. For the dining room, make sure there is clearance all the way around the table with room for chairs to be pushed out slightly and still allow people to pass easily. Paying attention to these types of details will go a long way in making your home comfortable when you’re having a party for 2 or a party for 20.

Lighting matters! While lighting might seem like a small detail, it’s actually a big deal in your home. Certain areas should be well-lit while dim lighting is appropriate in other spaces. Filling in darker corners with lamps, or providing shades for parts of the room that receive too much light, is key in making your guests comfortable regardless of the time of day. Take time to evaluate each part of the room, determine what activities will take place in there, and then decide what type of lighting best fits those activities. For a dining room, a chandelier with a dimmer option might be nice, whereas an office or family space is best suited with soft lighting from lamps during the evening hours, and the option for natural light (or brighter, artificial lights) during the day.

Details are important. When entertaining, your guests’ comfort is of utmost importance. Furniture should be welcoming and comfortable to relax in. Adding soft throw blankets and accent pillows, footstools for larger chairs, and providing quality, comfortable mattresses in guest bedrooms (or for sleeper sofas) are great way to be the hostess with the “most-ess.”

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