Small business and supporting local business owners has been a key subject over recent weeks. Now that many states are reopening their businesses and people are beginning to shop and dine out again, local stores and restaurants are (thankfully) on the mend from the blow of closing down for several months and losing income, and most of them will be able to recover. However, continuing to receive support from their communities is a huge factor in that recovery, and YOU are a part of that.
You might wonder how you can play a part in keeping these small business alive when you only dine out once every now and then, or shop locally only when you need a specialty gift or have a particular need. You can’t possibly help these businesses every day can you?
Yes, you can! How?
  • Make sure they’re seen and heard. If you see a post on social media about your favorite restaurant or downtown store, like it and share it with your friends! You play a critical role in helping them gain exposure in and around the area by supporting them online.
  • Help them build their brand. Reviews are a huge part of building a brand and reputation within the community as a small business. Unfortunately, many people only take time to leave a review if they’ve had a negative experience which throws off the ratings for local owners and can actually hurt their business in a BIG way, even if the negative review was an abnormal occurrence. If you had a great experience somewhere, let the owner and the public know by leaving a review on Google, on their website, on Yelp, and any other available platforms.
  • Gift local. It’s simple to hit Amazon or a big box store for a birthday gift or when the holidays roll around and you need last minute presents for friends and family. Consider getting gift cards or unique presents from local businesses at this time instead! You’re supporting local AND giving great gifts at the same time.
  • Consider the benefits of shopping local. This does involve shopping and dining at local places for yourself, but it needs to be included. We know that local stores and restaurants might cost a little more than your fast food and chain offerings, but remember that those are owned by large-scale corporations and run by CEO’s that don’t even know the names of the communities where their stores are located. When you opt for the local joints, you are helping support local little league teams, pay for community events that are sponsored by those businesses, and keep your economy strong.
Hudson Square Furniture is proud to be a locally owned and operated business with locations in Hudson and Zephyrhills. We love getting to help provide quality furniture and home decor at affordable prices for our community, and enjoy interacting with all of our customers whether they be longtime patrons or first time shoppers.
Remember to shop local in your own town!